Hawaii for trump flag

Do you want it? Hawaii for trump flag. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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He was actually the first runner up for Hillary Clinton’s VP slot which, I think right now there would be a President Hillary Clinton had she picked Julian Castro as her VP. Hawaii for trump flag. Not Buttigieg but voters in general.

Hawaii for trump flag

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flag – pic 1

Planning a better future is great but first job is to get Biden in. So much work to do (and undo). Totally agree with you as well on the statement. I’ve been active in politics (got my political bug from my parents and matern grandma) back when I was in first second grade canvassing door-to-door attending political rallies; it went into full throttle when I was volunteering for the DukakisBenson Democratic ticket back in 1988; my sophomore year in college! I get all these opinions, BUT which ticket will push for racked-choice voting, so I can vote in my best interests, not trying to set up “the party” in 8-12 years? Hawaii for trump flag. Susan Rice would be great, she is very smart and diplomatic, mix that with a caring attitude which she has, and you have a total winner. I was just coming to post the same, she would be excellent as President, so VP should be a shoe in. This is presuming she would want the job as opposed to a high level cabinet position, but it would be a shame were this nation to not benefit further from her impeccable professionalism and knowledge. I like her too I think she’s in the top three in my in my opinion I think the top five are Harris, Warren, Rice, Dennings and Lane-Bottom.

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