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  • Me and my 7 year old are your biggest fans. Hes coming to one of your concerts with me next year and he’s beyond excited. We hope we get to meet you one day, your one of the good guys who’s an inspiration . I watched you (on T.V ) at the Global event yesterday I’m blown away by your talent. I have always loved your music but watching you fill that stage in Paris, one man and his guitar, no-frills, absolutely amazing. Fantastic performance and so down to earth. Can’t wait to see u again next year . Love your music, seen you last time you came to Ireland. Missed tickets this time round. But waiting to see you on Graham Norton show tonight. Your my favourite performer and I’ve been to see many in the last 30yrs. Keep up the good work Ed your amazing!!. Love your music.. love your story! Want nothing but total success and happiness for you and your family! The Joe-ker That ruining America

    The Joe-ker That’s ruining America

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    You’re always such good fun The Joe-ker That ruining America And, of course, another great song xx. great performance – love the song xx. I remember one concert I went to of yours where James Blunt was your opener. He said that he was jealous that you didn’t have to pay for a full band, because you did it all yourself. It is extremely weird to see you with a band in the background.. Yet another amazing song , wish you were coming to Birmingham it’s the only place my friend snd I can get to xxx. Watched you on BBC last night just amazing xx. Loving the new song, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful music. Shame your tour did not include Aberdeen. Would have loved to have seen you..   · Follow. First time I heard of Ed was seeing him sing Drunk on the Graham Norton Show & was blown away. Been a massive fan ever since & seen him play live 5 times, from a tiny venue to a record breaking stadium gig in Sydney. Can’t wait for the next tour

    100% NEW – The Joe-ker That’s ruining America

    Love watching you perform, so glad I have the new you to watch and the “old” lol you.You’ve come a long way, but dont get out of reach of where you started, it’ll keep you humble. Much love.. Ed Sheeran Notice when? Your music makes me happy jeep safe teddy I love you . You are Awesome! So glad you are back! I Love your new songs cannot wait to purchase the CD!. It was an amazing performance! . Love this !! Can’t wait to come and hear you sing it live in Cardiff next year. Saw you in Cardiff, the last concert you did there, it was absolutely AMAZING !! Can’t wait to see you again . Ed . I have been loving your Music very long times when I first Saw your video’s from Anne Maria Kimble. To Ed Sheeran. I’m sending you . You are welcome post picture
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