Hello My Name Is Regina Phalange Mug

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The religious right has gotten too political. Hello My Name Is Regina Phalange Mug. They should be preaching the gospel and not hate-fear-bigotry.

Hello My Name Is Regina Phalange Mug

Hello My Name Is Regina Phalange Mug- white
Mug- white
Hello My Name Is Regina Phalange Mug- magic mug
Mug- magic mug
Hello My Name Is Regina Phalange Mug- black
Mug- black

Time to tax the church! There is nobody more shallow than the draft-dodging, old money trust fund blue blood, shady businessman turned reality TV star we have occupying the highest office in our government right now. Trump supporters have no ground to stand on when it comes to whing around entertainers giving their opinion. Hello My Name Is Regina Phalange Mug. You’ve already elected 2 to the oval office. Seriously the right calls the left snowflakes; but all I’m seeing is a blizzard of right leaning people getting all upset that a celebrity used their freedoms and rights afforded under the constitution. But you voted for a Reality TV Star, then complain that celebrities should “stay out of politics. If someone like James Woods got up there an congratulated Trump on his “acquittal”, all would be right with their world. I don’t discriminate amongst those who entertain me; it’s not something to get outraged about either side of the aisle. Joia Cicolini what’s ironic is all these rich actors and actresses have benefited from trumps tax cuts according to the democrats. So if they’ve benefited why are they against trump? Wrong left coast Liberal moron. I voted for a business man who is flushing the swamp down the toilet little by little! The good news is you still have 5 more years to show off your ignorant hate! What are you 2 years old? A business man that’s filed bankruptcy 6 times, who US banks stopped lending money because he was too much of a risk, who’s had more failed businesses than he has fingers and toes, who had he taken his daddy’s loan and invested in index funds instead of bad business decisions…he’d be worth 3 times what he is. What a joke.

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