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TD BournePresident Biden and Madame Vice President Harris have shown more compassion and care to individuals in this country in a little over 100 days than t***p and pence did in four years…. God bless them!525 . Susan Oscar WelchThank you for acknowledging this travesty and inviting the family to try to heal. 198 . David Kashiki  · FollowThis is great. You’ve done a great job, Joe. But next time say, “Vice-President Kamala and I met George Floyd’s family at the Oval Office…”. Not “I” ,”I” , kwati wachiba weka65 . Judy Conkin WillisIf we all could be so gracious as the Floyd family. 167 . Peter HendersonThe general feel of America has changed for the better. Yes, vaccinations have a lot of play in there, but those are only rolling out so well due to functioning leadership.149 . Debbie DiFlavioWhat about David Dorn family and others ?50 . Tolanì TolanìThis is the humanity we’ve all been wanting to see for years, justice prevailed and its all that matters! You’re my fav170  Hem Of His Garment Painting by Wayne Pascall Poster

Hem Of His Garment Painting by Wayne Pascall Poster

Christian SalzilloThis is a beautiful scene, Mr President. Thank you for genuinely caring for people and showing compassion to those who have suffered loss.26 . Debbie HaysThankful for President Biden meeting with Floyd’s daughter today. Small kindnesses snowball…and change the world for the better. 174 . Janet KochMy heart goes out to the family as they mourn the loss of their loved one. He should still be here. 57 . Sydney F. Braun-fauxPresident Biden you are a amazing and caring person! Thankyou so much!!!!100 . Janice Robertson ParsleyThank you for your compassion and kindness to this family. 79 . Neil CommenatorThank you Mr. President for showing compassion & kindness to a family that has suffered so, and had so much thrust upon them. May these families know that so many of us care deeply and feel their anguish. 99 . Edd MacKeyIf this small gesture of sympathy and empathy were shown a year ago imagine the healing this nation would have experienced!42  Hem Of His Garment Painting by Wayne Pascall Poster

Hem Of His Garment Painting by Wayne Pascall Poster

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