Her Joker shirt and v-neck

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I voted this am in Tangi parish. I’m very concerned that Edwards will win here regardless. I voted for Respone, the X appeared on Edwards. I had to repeatedly press Respones name to get my vote to register. Her Joker. The polling people said I must have had my finger too high. I am 55 yrs old and have voted in every election since I was 18, there is something hinky here in this parish, Ponchatoula voting at the vineyard school because I live south of 22. Sure it did, what conspiracy theory are you trying to start or do you need reading glasses. Did you bring it to someone attention? Did you finally get your finger on the right name?

Her Joker shirt and v-neck

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Are you saying the Russians are trying to help the dems this time? If you noticed I was told just had my finger too high by the official and this is Edwards home parish where he has and his family , brother being sheriff , influences all sorts of things. So no not so much conspiracy in Louisiana as a long history of corruption. We see it everyday. Renee Otwell. Her Joker. Wow tell everyone whats going on in the voting machine then to be careful and vote for respone. Renee Otwell saw a documentary during the 2016 election showing how the machines were rigged . Than heard the company was owned by Soros. Yeah! Marie Colbourne During the 2016 election there was documentary on Tv showing what they discovered with some of the voting machines .

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