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He hit on the prime ministers wife, he told them sometimes he forgets he’s president, and he scolded the UK over a disagreement they’ve been having with Germany about who gets to ship sausages (yes, SAUSAGES) to northern Ireland, showing that he has no idea northern Ireland is part of the UK. That’s for starters.. Binoy John Dr what. ok 1 million people voted 80x each. Trump had many more voters than Biden. It’s obvious just looking at any YouTube video Biden has put out, as well as most other metrics. Can’t help it democrats refuse to only vote once each. Dustin Davis it was more than 80 million! Hippie peace symbol doormat no Russian voting this time! Pause GIF. Dustin Davis,,BA BYE TROLL!!. Binoy John Dr. Roger Olcott Like  · Reply · 6h. They were our allies in World War Two. We owe them comradeship and respect.. Benjamin Rao it’s changed days now though unfortunately I live in Scotland and some of us want independence out of the uk away from Tory rule the uk gov take millions from Scotland

Hippie peace symbol doormat

Binoy John Dr Hippie peace symbol doormat THEHILL.COM Biden calls Boris Johnson ‘a physical and emotional clone’ of Trump. Christina Massey Freeman Like  · Reply · 6h. Jen Evans,,BA BYE TROLL!!!!!. Binoy John Dr. Binoy John Dr Klappturk!. Binoy John Dr Dr John Bot. The Tory’s are going the fascist route like Trump’s GOP here in America. Austerity for the poor, corporatism for the rich. I hope Scotland and Northern Ireland gain their independence from a dying breed of monarchy that will give way to two new republics.. Binoy John Dr Dum ass. I liked ” Brothers in Arms” reminds me of Dire Straits album . Good luck Pause GIF. Binoy John Dr were you happy with the Trump and Boris “camaraderie”. Binoy John Dr. Nick Peter Michaels Like  · Reply · 5h. Nick Peter Michaels Like  · Reply · 5h. 0:00 / 0:51. Thank you, President Biden for not making us walk on egg shells! You are a breath of fresh air.. Nick Peter Michaels Like  · Reply · 5h. Nick Peter Michaels Like  · Reply · 5h. Bot. Binoy John Dr I think if you were to remove your mask we would probably see Faucci.

Hippie peace symbol doormat

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