Ho Ho Ho Grinch Christmas shirt and hoodie

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Marie Browne I agree we need to pray the Republican party find their nad’s stand up for this Country and put Trump in jail. Pray as much as you want. Ho Ho Ho Grinch Christmas. The Christian right and Reconstructionists will not take over the country and not be walking with the angels with their falsehoods.

Ho Ho Ho Grinch Christmas

Ho Ho Ho Grinch Christmas v-neck
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Ho Ho Ho Grinch Christmas hoodie

I hope someone does a study on how people can differ in opinion on something so blatantly clear that trump is a despicable human being. Sarah Amii it’s because the people who believe he’s not are exactly like him. He is a reflection of who they truly are and they are In such denial about themselves that they’ll defend anything he does. Hastings it’s like climate change. Science says yes, the cult says no because trump, who has the intellect of a doorknob, disagrees. Follow him off a cliff, Matt. Jon Kenda Do you have a clue to what has happened? Goggle Eric ciaramello and Mark Zaid ! Then think , the Biden took millions of dollars from Ukraine and Russia fir what? Just stop think don’t have a party for one minute just think! In fact the two parties are one they bounce off each other to jeep us divided so they take all the money. Get off the merry go round. Try to put yourself first no party! Ho Ho Ho Grinch Christmas. Just does it makes sense? That’s a lot of money there’s something there! Yes… he said the words… you need to do us a favor, though… and that favor was only to benefit his campaign. There are proper channels to use when initiating an investigation… channels that include oversight to eliminate any bias or the appearance of bias. Trump does not have the authority to withhold congressionally approved funds… especially as leverage for campaign assistance. The whole thing is a disgusting mess… if a Democrat had done this… you’d be pushing for impeachment too the difference is. so would most Democrats. I’m not sure why the GOP rubber stamp criminal behavior from their own party members.

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