Holy hand grenade of antioch shirt

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Never needed to anyway, what’s the big deal?. I’m not gonna wear a mask outdoors vaccinated or not . I am still wearing a mask.. Damn I should be in the ground by now cause I haven’t worn a mask at all unless forced to. Please stop mandating children under 5 wear face masks. The science shows it’s improbable that young children are able to spread or contract the virus. Demanding a child under 5 west a face mask is child abuse the WHO state’s child under 5 should never be masked as does UNICEF. The CDC has been changing their minds daily, the science has been specific. Follow the WHO and UNICEF agencies that show the care about children.. But you can still catch covid and pass it on despite being vaccinated.. Just got mine today! Not feeling the hottest, but anything beats actual covid. Plus the EU just announced fully vaccinated Americans can now visit Europe Holy hand grenade of antioch shirt

Holy hand grenade of antioch shirt

Binoy John Dr”That’s a welcome sight President Joe Biden sir … a sight the world is yearning to see!God speed! Binoy John Dr 17 . Sue AngeliniBinoy John Dr now the world needs to help India. We are all in this together 1 . Priya SachdevaPraying for the current situation to improve and may the leaders of our country take a lesson from this situation, to NOT let the third wave be so disastrous ever! And we all Indians do welcome Joe Biden sir’s decision to help India with the raw materials needed to make vaccines, so we too can see light of the day. . Steve PalchikAll well and good, but there are way too many people in this country that I don’t trust so I’ll be wearing my mask a bit longer.1K . Nancy Federman KaplanFeels good to see progress. Still not out of the woods, but a hopeful sign.713 . Tonya EvansCan I make a personal appeal to see the aviators more often?! I Joe!413  Holy hand grenade of antioch shirt

Holy hand grenade of antioch shirt

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