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Then the Vietnam War ( Indo- China War in the 60s, 70s) this war was to do with US don’t want China to own, control South East Asia. Home alone kevin face mask. With that communist lie.

Home alone kevin face mask

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face mask- pic 1

Fact was/is US genocide, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotians, Burmese with Bombs by Left and Right with an allies. US bombs created Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot. US, China, Pol Pot genocide million of Cambodians. Included thousands of my family, I was lucky to survive and wrote a book about it with rewriting this eras history, because US, Hun Sen ( Khmer rouge) wrote a twisted, distort, fake history of this eras. Home alone kevin face mask. Because want to eras history, due to US has Cambodians blood on their hands. President Trump did not go to Nam. WW3 is coming closer, this time round create by Xi, China. Putin is China allies ( same in Nam). Xi control all continents, own many nations, tin- pot dictators like Maduro, Sen, Khan, BRI is Xi WW3 strategic. In BRI, Hauwei is component for spying world. Without Pres. Trump, Democrats will let Xi own US as a province of China. This is the dream of Dems, lefties. I can write a few books on US and it history. Hey lefties you are not American, But Xi, Putin sheep. lefties If you want to know about USA just ask me a Cambodian. I can write a few books on US and it history and world history ( I studied world history). Sokhom Prins Born, bred capitalist, Human Rights Defender. I have seen ” Gone With the Win “many times, one of the greatest movie. I remember the story back ward, love how it ended. Sokhom Prins, author of love of Life – A Miraculous Story! On Amazon now.

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