Home is where the cats are poster

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She was a regional administrator for the EPA under Obama but never did anything then??? Home is where the cats are poster. Also how are they subjected to live there?

Home is where the cats are poster

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Another thing if, according to the article they don’t contribute to “fouling the air” as much, so most don’t drive that live in the city. So we should move industries so they have no where to work and get rid of buses that they use for transportation? Maybe we should also blame mother nature for natural disasters and wipe her completely from history, movies and books. Home is where the cats are poster. Right because the current Republican Senate and Republican president care so much, they show we should vote for them by the supportive legislation they’re passing. If any of you only had an education… one example of “environmental injustice” refers to the fact that areas with higher numbers of low income /minority peoples experience higher environmental health disparities. This is not a coincidence – it is the result of decades of discriminatory housing policies and environmental regulations that put flight paths and industrial waste dumps in these areas. Low-income households are more likely to live in areas with greater exposure to natural hazards and less likely to live and work in structures that are resilient to these natural hazards. Equality is a guarantee of opportunity not outcome. This movement IS about equality right? Great, it’s already here and also at the same time destroys the systemic racism narrative for if such a thing, no one of any minority “race” would make it out of poverty.

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