Honey bee knowledge poster

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What a waste of taxpayer’s money and it is devastating to the voter’s that just want to vote for Bernie Sanders. Honey bee knowledge poster.  I wish somehow Bernie can still win this. Christina Hall Pick a fight though are you trying to be reinstated on the ballot or are you fighting against voter suppression? I’ve been your supporter for years but even I am massively disappointed & highly annoyed with you pulling out again.

Honey bee knowledge poster

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poster – A2
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poster – A3
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poster – A4

You know it really doesn’t matter anymore who the Democratic candidate is. Now that Trump has appointed his top campaign donor as Postmaster General there is no chance he won’t be re-elected. If covid is rampant during elections in November and we are forced into voting by mail in order to be safe. Honey bee knowledge poster. Democratic votes will be trashed. He will cheat and get his second term. The same for the seats for the Senate and Congress, all or most will flip to give majority to the republicans. It will be the end of America as know it. Bernie you got robbed we all know this but look Biden’s campaign is imploding just like Hillary’s here we are an army of global millennials whose only mistake was to aspire for a better world.

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