Hopscotch fun rug

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Binoy John Dr”Happy to see the light of normalcy around the corner!”All your hardwork & persistence with the vaccination drive President Joe Biden sir! Thank you sir & all Americans for the kindness & huge support to India in defeating the pandemic during these vexing times! Binoy John Dr 283 . Ande Franks BeaversThank you for finally making sure to send extra to the military families overseas! I’m finally getting my first dose tomorrow and I’m so excited.112 . Jennifer MCYou lost too many people with “…and the lives of people around you.” The greater good means nothing in the world of ‘Me! Me! Me!’31 . Cara UribeThank you! We are finally setting good examples for other nations again. 131 . Helaine DebraThank you! I am so grateful that there is a light at the end of this tunnel!15 . Adam RitzIt actually was very easy. Also hurt less than the flu 47 . Dalynn ParkIt was such a relief to go in for a blood draw at a lab today and not worry about being in there with so many other people because I’m fully vaccinated now.17  Hopscotch fun rug

Hopscotch fun rug

Becki BechtelMy brother died before he was able to be vaccinated…I did a silly thing when I received my second dose, I dedicated it to him…my poor shot giver had to hear me go on and on lol. Point is…do this for everyone that has died, who never had a chance to live out their lives! My brother was 47 and had a long way to go!31 . Kay HanlonWe all want that. Sunday my daughter finally came to our house and had dinner, which she provided, together with us. Something we hadn’t done for a long time. We all had had our two shots, so she felt ok coming over. 66 . Ana CecconPlease send covid vaccines to the embassys and consulates for American Citizens who live abroad. Part of the AstraZenec that will be donated, please. We live in Brazil and my 19 year old daughter has an imune disease and is at the group risk. There will be no vaccines available here any time soon. She needs the vaccine . Please send vaccines to the Americans living abroad. And if I go to the US will I be able to get the vaccine there, in which state? We are still american people. Help35  Hopscotch fun rug

Hopscotch fun rug

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