Horse knowledge Poster

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You are right. Let him impeach and stay. Horse knowledge Poster. Next year he will be gone and criminally charge by New York as a private citizen.Noboody will protect him.

Horse knowledge Poster

Horse knowledge Poster - A4
Poster – A4
Horse knowledge Poster - A3
Poster – A3
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Poster – A2

Impeach him but DO NOT send the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for a rammed through vote. Use the Impeachment as leverage just like the Republicans would do if the situation was reversed. Demoncrats are terrified that President Trump will be re-elected and he will by LANDSLIDE! Check out the poll ratings on battle ground States like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, he is WINNING. He couldn’t win in a landslide against Hillary, and no one liked Hillary. Why do you think some one as universally despised as trump, who’s approval numbers have never gone past 50%, could win against a non Hillary? Why do you think he was trying to get Ukraine to interfere in the election? Because trump is terrified. Sweating self tanner. Horse knowledge Poster. Do you know that the Trump administration gave the wealthy and corporations a permanent tax cut? While giving the working class crumbs? How about the Farmers are receiving socialism so far in the tune of 28B more than the auto industry received. That was due to a man made trade war by Trump. So don’t tell me about socialism. Oh and WTH do we need a space force for when 700,000 poor people are being thrown off SNAP? Pence was in charge of the transition. Didn’t at least two arrests/indictments stem from the transition? Just because you like the guy doesn’t mean we ignore things.

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