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Your absolutely wrong about that. Hot rod knowledge Poster. Woman do not want to live in the same conditions as the people of Russia do.

Hot rod knowledge Poster

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With no voice, rigged elections and a country going no where, a country most people dislike. You’re giving him way too much credit. His only options for VP were people who had nothing to lose. Pence was rejected by his own state and could either take the largely unwanted role of Trump’s VP or let his political career end. I can’t stand Trump as a being! But I don’t see this heading anywhere!!! Hot rod knowledge Poster. The Republicans are not going to Impeach him!!! Where is this heading??? Nowhere. Have the dems even considered what happens if they are successful in the impeachment of Trump? Pence…we get Pence. And trust me, that will be MUCH worse than what we have now. This is where democrats make a fool out of themselves.In exactly what rational,fact based way would Pence be worse than Trump..”Grab em by their bibles? Right now, Trump costs 3.4 million/weekend travelling to Florida. And will he be controlled by Putin? And does he have emoluments issues? Are his children obnoxious and corrupt? Does he admire dictators? Good point except, you conveniently overlook the fact that after fake president loses, he will resign and then Pence will pardon him—-but only for federal crimes–New York wants him for crimes plus he is also known as Individual 1 already. Therefore, like a previous poster, Pence will be a two or three month lame duck. In addition, if the Dems win the Senate and keep the majority in the House?

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