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Michael HallAnything this Administration puts in play will not be good for us in the long Run !!!! Just watch and see6 . Dewayne HolleyYou missed spelled border crisis14 . Mohammed OumerUS hands off from Ethiopia. “Our PM did his responcibility todefend his nation” US should sotp always following the layiers.Stop interfering soverign countries internal issue!14 . Jakob GechFree ethiopia tplf is a terriost minor group. we ethiopians will built GRRED to give light for 100 milions of people so stop your conspiracy.5 . Zeeshan Sarwat DogarThe man who cares about the wellbeing of fellow Americans. The wellbeing of America affects the globe and I personally appreciate your efforts these few months. Joe Biden is still abiding by his promises. President Joe Biden, keep abiding!From Pakista… See More10 . Christopher MeindersAnd how will that stop climate change?6 . Symonne CasteloWhat!!!! Your not giving it to the 1%. Lol Good job Jo. Give people a job, give people an education, show some love no matter color,creed, orientation and the good hearted people will come out of the ashes. There is bad hearted people everywhere rich o… See More3  Hot rod engine hawaiian shirt

Hot rod engine hawaiian shirt

Hot rod engine hawaiian shirt

Carolyn Rink DickHow much money are you planning on taking for job creation for illegals. It is never for the hard working class. They always get stripped. I believe nothing from this joker. 67 . Marilyn HilliardGet on with it and stop shilly-shallying with the feckless GOP.66 . Claudia UruguayaMake people to study some incentives to make people better educate and can help to prevent violence and respect others . Ant’ony Sam’sonNice umbrella. But we need something that will specifically repair the damage America has caused black people over the past 400 years. We need to be able to catch up with our constituents (the “pack”) and compete without having to deal with underlyin… See More21 . John Promer Sr.So far your plan has gone nowhere in the senate. To many republicans in the Democratic Party.21 . William WrightGood paying jobs keep being outsourced and with you increasing the corporate tax rate, only going to hurt American in the long run.35  Hot rod engine hawaiian shirt

Hot rod engine hawaiian shirt

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