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Richard GaleBiden seems to have memory loss when it comes to progressive issues. 3 . Kate ThompsonThank you Senator Sanders, prayers for you and your tremendous efforts for the American people and our progression to a better world and planet.2 . Billy LeonardHaving to depend on congress is not encouraging. They don’t belong to us. 1 . Heather JenningsWell the world is laughing at us after today’s failure to even investigate the insurrection. Nice message to the world. Buy a republican and free access to destroy America. The world also sees that democrats will not stand up to republicans. Nor wi… See More7 . Michael IlloCome on, Bernie, the future of our country has been ruined ever since the centrist Dems and neo-cons took over. It’s time to ditch both parties. This needs to be done like 30 years ago.4 . Top FanKhaled SikderAgreed. The Democrats need to stand up and back each other despite of their some differences. At leat at this gruesome time we are passing.  Hot rod hawaiian shirt

Hot rod hawaiian shirt

Charlie SmithManchin can continue to block things even without the filibuster. It’s time to end the filibuster and if dems give them something they just can’t support, they can vote no but otherwise nothing is going to get done. Tell Manchin to end the filibuster… See More9 . Top FanRyan S. MartinezBernie is trying to pay the people back what the government has wrongfully withheld in a very political manner, on top of addressing the loss of jobs and resulting destitution of thousands6 . Di MooreWe could also stop borrowing frm big banks! The fed reserve is privately owned. Lets start borrowing frm America and we can do away with ALL that interest we’r paying! The gov.should have never allowed funding frm privately owned banks. Most ppl think … See More . Top FanKelly Cobb-LemireEvery republican voted against it … and Sinema was missing. they all need to be primaried5 . Melanie Person MillerDemocrat leaders please look out for us and stand up to those that truly don’t care about the majority of the American people! Please look out for the 99% instead of just the 1%. Don’t they have enough? 9  Hot rod hawaiian shirt

Hot rod hawaiian shirt

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