Hourglass print face mask

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He’s outsourced ventilators from car manufacturers. He’s forced 3m to keep PPE here in the states. Hourglass print face mask. He coordinated a naval ship to dock in NY (which was never used). He commissioned doctors who found the cure in hydroxychloroquine but, it doesn’t cost very much to make, so, they won’t use it. You are being lied to on every front from the msm. If you chooses to believe it, that’s your business. But the fact remains, he is fighting a party that couldn’t deal with his interruption of their plans with his election in 2016.

Hourglass print face mask

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face mask – detail

I guess the people who are going to make out the most, will probably be your lobbyist buddies. As long as it’s American lobbyists. Hourglass print face mask. How about getting money out of politics? Just a thought. This sound’s a lot like that change we voted for with obama and we got none. (Just more bush policies, like the Expanded patriot act.) Also how about not having Corporations pay nothing in taxes and get billions back that taxpaying citizens paid in? How about making congress use the same insurance that the rest of us use like medicare. What’s hilarious is the police will NOT work the DNC Convention because they DO NOT want to work for a man who wants to defund them. My recognition is that you ask Social Workers to defend your convention

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