Houses and humans shirt, hoodie and tank top



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Jan Conley no, those are supplemental private insurance programs; we need national health care in order to catch up with the rest of the developed, civilized world.. Jan Conley And with these plans you’re confined to certain providers, some good some not so good. So I prefer original medicare with all its faults.. Jan Conley Medicare Advantage plans are part of the GOP & corporate America’s plan to break the government, and siphon off tax dollars through privatization schemes. Houses and humans shirt, hoodie and tank top Any private plan will always cost more, because private companies have overhead that Medicare does not have. Medicare Advantage took regular Medicare, and made it more like the usual garbage people with regular insurance have to deal with. They will give you this, but not that, give you multiple hoops to jump through, and you have to pay so much extra, they are mostly useless to people on fixed incomes. Healthcare should not be a game of strategy combined with an obstacle course, it should be straightforward care, not the corporate games devised to deliver as little care as possible so they can turn a profit. JUSTCAREUSA.ORG Medicare Advantage plans unaccountable for billions in overcharges | JustCare

Houses and humans shirt, hoodie and tank top

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Suzanne Roberts. My hope for America’s future is that every child burns with the same passion for life, liberty freedom and justice like this man right here. Keep fighting for the American Dream Mr. Sander’s and thank you.. Melanie Simms. Universal healthcare- of course our eyes , ears and teeth should be included! Houses and humans shirt, hoodie and tank top And those professions need to get back into ethical standards of best practices. No more putting profits before people!! The current medicaid policy makers are unethical also- though much is covered…there are still loophools in patient care.. Maybe if we just removed Medicare they would put in something that covered everyone. Everyone afraid they’ll have to take care of their parents and family? Let’s just remove Medicare and see what happens.. Thank you and God bless you Bernie , we really must expand Medicare to cover eyeglasses and dental care and hearing aids!. Yes our country people have through hell this virus took the carpet from under us although we The people Appreciate it they need a stimulus it was only enough to cover a small portion of our bills and some of our food needs to be really truly need to rebound from this crisis and there’s a seam it doesn’t seem to be happening fast meanwhile the bills are collecting bill time is coming up again and our jobs aren’t coming back right now places have closed meanwhile back at home

Houses and humans shirt, hoodie and tank top

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