Houston Rockets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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Nina Ruud DjaxSo awesome!!! . Looking forward to your concert in Amsterdam when a new date is set 2 . Rose FreemanI have been a long time fan since I was 12 I’m now 31 and still love avril.i wish she would do a show in the us near me3 . Paige LongacreTravis M Schlotterbeck Avril lavigne doesn’t age. She looks the same as when you were obsessed with her and had every single poster of her on your walls lolll 3 . Jordyn VeiserI seen that. So does Madonna let you use her fountain of youth? Or did you steal Rick’s portal gun and jumped dimensions? Either way how have you not aged, I grew up listening to you and attending your concerts.1 . Callie RakerYou can’t hide your immortality anymore, Avril. Just come clean….tell us where the holy grail is because you’ve obviously taken a sip. 12 . Nichole ElizabethI remember watching cartoons as a kid, and Tony Hawk was always doing some sort of commercial or being mentioned in them.1  Houston Rockets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Houston Rockets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Josefina Sequeirahow to be a teenager 23 years after you teenage18 . Casey SchweizerHe skates for Vans now! Tell him to design a shoe! I cant wait to play TH 1 and 2 on switch this Friday2 . Sarah DowneyHow is it possible you look exactly how I remember seeing you for the first time? 5 . David DrakeSo, where’s the video of you dropping in?4 . Christine SniderHow do you not age??! You still look the same as you did in 2002!9 . Heath LindAvril Lavigne still looks like she’s in highschool……. Tony Hawk looks like he’s looking for a retirement home…….and now I’m over here wondering how old I should feel ?‍?8 . Danny SpisakTwo of the biggest things of my childhood. Man I’m glad I lived during this time5 . Felipe AmaralFor a second I thought he was the president of Brazil “Bolsonaro filho do capeta”.. GUYS, if u curious to know, google it! 21  Houston Rockets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

Houston Rockets NBA Hawaiian Shirt

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