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Trump was caught wearing his mask but taking it off for the camera. Trump doesn’t even believe his own words. He’s a manipulator. People are listening to Trump, thinking COVID 19 is a hoax and refusing to wear masks or social distance, all the while hurting those around them. How are we learning poster. As a mental health specialist, I have observed that a Psychopath enjoys and indulges in manipulation and causing chaos. That is what Trump is to the country. That’s why we need Biden. No presidential election has ever been more important.

How are we learning poster

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He obviously doesn’t remember some of his staff around him has tested positive, like his driver! He says he wants the country to open, but doesn’t know that wearing a mask and leading by example would help the curve flatten. This will probably my only comment because Biden is NOT my first choice, or even third or fourth–but he cannot choose a V.P. for identity politics or a “woke” solution, the country has to feel confident that he or she can do the job if anything happens to Joe. How are we learning poster. Health experts tell us to wear a mask for the safety of the community. That does not compute in the ego centric narcissistic mind of Trump apparently. So Trump seems to imagine greater knowledge than his own experts. The corona virus is nothing to fool with. It’s just a matter of time for Trump.

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