How To Smoke A Cigar Poster

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Why does CNN get to do this? How To Smoke A Cigar Poster. I believe they’re generally only a little biased, but any time Bernie is involved they are shameless… everyday news doesn’t matter much, but running their corporate agenda in a presidential election cycle should feel dirty to these people.

How To Smoke A Cigar Poster

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I am very far from being bernie’s supporter, but your party is a corrupt oligarchy. How To Smoke A Cigar Poster. Rigged the 2016, gave hillary debate questions, changed the rules for bloomberg, changed the rules to kick Tulsi out of debates., etc. It has been, and it was towards Hillary. We all know why, Bernie is a threat to the immensely overstuffed pockets of the owners of their corporation. It’s understandable, I just wish they would be a little more diverse in the debate hosting area. I’m a Trump supporter and I’m still watching this debate. My problem is with the lack of control and questioning by CNN; they’re allowing a free for all. There are no questions about trade, trade deals, taxation and regulation with regards to business and economy. What would these two do different? What would they change? Do you really think that corporation would sit and wait until Bernie show up? BTW, what is a corporation? Corporation is the people owning it. You wouldn’t know. Karlen Mkrtchyan actually a corporation is a business acting as a single entity… so rather than being an independent media outlet, it is a massive conglomerate of media outlets controlled by a small group of individuals. There may be a board of directors, but even they are not beholden to any belief other than their own and the corporate ownership. It does not mean in any way that it is run by the people… as I wrote this I realize your comment didn’t make any sense.

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