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The Constitution says that a President can be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors!! Juice Wrld Galaxy. The Articles of Impeachment that got Trump impeached are abusing his power for personal political gain and obstruction of Congress!

Juice Wrld Galaxy

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Trump blocking people from testifying, blocking documents from Congress are obstruction of Congress!! Trump impeached himself by what he did! The process in the House is completely different than that in the Senate. It was not a trial with a jury. A tainted partisan jury should never be allowed, and would not be in any courtroom in the land. So you have a problem with the dems who were vowing to impeach the day after President Trump was sworn in? Or are you as obviously biased as they were on day one? Juice Wrld Galaxy. Schumer said he wanted the same trial in the Senate that Clinton received. Well the democrats.didn’t allow any witnesses then and they shouldn’t allow them now. At the time, the Republican house managers could only present the evidence that they had gathered together from the house impeachment. Then the house impeachment managers put their evidence up for debate. At the end of the debate a vote was taken and Bill Clinton was acquitted. You Trump supporters are so funny!! Trump is impeached!! Get over it!! Nothing can change Trump being impeached not even the Senate! The witnesses were called the entire nation heard their testimony. Are you suggesting that the senate will make the decision on an entirely partisan fashion? O the horror! Oran the Republicans could not call witnesses so they based their decisions on the ‘lack’ of evidence provided by the Dem led house.

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