Husky Christmas Door Cover

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Demba Kanu not to mention hypocrites, calling themselves Republicans while attempting a coup on States’ rights. Isn’t protecting States’ rights supposed to be a huge focus of the Republican platform? They have changed that fact. I do not believe that Trump will be remembered fondly. He will be remember as the president who was in power that initially called the pandemic a hoax and well over 300,000 people died from. Husky Christmas Door Cover. Did you forget the treasonous Reagan, negotiated with the Iranian hostage takers to prevent the release of Americans held in the American embassy there to win an election, subsequently, his administration would later illegally give them arms. Remember the Iran-contra scandal? That was only the beginning of his destruction.

Husky Christmas Door Cover

Husky Christmas Door Cover - pic 1
Door Cover – pic 1

Surely even Republicans can see Trump is not a true conservative. He attacks traditions and institutions whenever he doesn’t get his way. He’s a liar and a sore loser, and would-be dictator. I would ask Trump supporters, what if he actually succeeded in overturning the election results without real proof (not ‘testimony’). It’s interesting to note that in actual courts he’s failed to state claims of massive fraud because his lawyers know they can’t lie without consequences there. What it would mean for the tens of millions of voters who voted for Biden, and who saw that in state counts they should have won? How does that effect American democracy going forward? Trump could have the law changed so that he could run again if he believes he has enough support, as it’s obvious many Republican lawmakers in Congress down have the spine to stand up to him.. and then he ‘wins’ the next elections as well.. what sort of political system do you call that, because it sure sounds a lot like the way they run things in China and Russia. Husky Christmas Door Cover. Washington was a Federalist,Lincoln-a Republican, Teddy Roosevelt-Republican, Franklin-Democrat,Dr. King-complicated, voted for both, Eisenhower-a Republican, Susan B Anthony-a Republican. Compared to the liberals of today-these are very conservative. Biden one year and ask everyone how good their lives are ask BLM he has already backed down from them only time his true color’s show China,Russia and Iran that’s all the friends he needs money power White privileged will be the Biden Presidentcy. they were liberals who fought for change. One ended slavery and the other ended segregation. The conservative opinions of the time were to keep slavery and keep segregation.. ya know… conserve the system… I didn’t know that old white women from Alabama was so vested in the concept of Black Lives Matter. I’ll see you at the next protest for human rights and social justice. Michigan’s state congress woman said today on a video Biden Presidentcy owes Michigan alot right everyone knows what you guys done for Biden. Those who supported this to help their careers should be removed from office…they swore an oath to uphold the constitution of the United States, NOT their careers. They put career ahead of country and I would say that regardless of party affiliation. Nothing lol they’ll ignore every question about it and pretend like nothing happened. The second a Democrat tries something like this, they’ll start barking like the “Patriots” they are. That has consequences. There is already a lawsuit in motion to remove those 126 people from office under amendment 14, section 3. they breech the office that they took an oath to uphold the Constitution Of The United States instead they tried to destroy our democracy. All these GOP traitors, criminals & losers, including Trump, who have no respect for the constitution, laws & democratic values & traditions of the United States, have no business standing in any election, anywhere in the country! Toma “nothing to see here, mind your own business!”

Do you want it? Husky Christmas Door Cover. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.

That’s your response to the fact that your party is actively and excitedly trying to dismantle the United States Constitution? And then you laugh like it’s some kind of game for you to take away our god given rights. Worry about my own country… Why don’t you go ahead and just worry about China, you communist. You won’t have to worry about people calling you out when you try to take away their rights over there – because you won’t have any. You’d fit right in. Godless, no one saying things you don’t want to hear anymore, no gun rights. You just work for the communist party and they give you food and healthcare and a box to live in. Sound good?

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