Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug . Order now before lose it forever.



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Its not the one depot getting a union, it’s the idea that people have the power to strangle business profit margins with unionized shops.. Well we don’t know WHY Jeff turned down the meeting. It would be great for him to go, but turning down a meeting per se doesn’t mean much. Maybe he had already scheduled something else? Ask him another time.. Bernie, Bezos is not the problem. His wealth is related to the stock value of the company he built. WE all made him rich. Focus on the health insurance and hospital executives who pay themselves eight-figure salaries denying care to and bankrupting sic… See More. He doesn’t have to agree, but at least listen to another point of view.. Because, God forbid, he then only makes $77 billion! That would put too big a dent in his pocket!. Unfettered capitalism is not healthy. Bezo’s is the result. Shop elsewhere. Walmart, Amazon and others have destroyed Main St small businesses, and this past year has amplified that carnage. Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug 1
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Bernie would have given $2000 monthly checks to every member of your family plus $15 min wage.. We still don’t have paid maternity leave and paid vacation for workers, substandard wages, and shitty healthcare. How is he governing like Bernie?. Not quite.. Thank you Mr President. It seems many expect you to do everything in the first hundred days. It’s going to be years before we recover from the last presidency. We had to make compromises on the bill in order to get it past. But I am sure those things w… See More. Not exactly. It gives less than the prior admin in just the checks, when ongoing monthly income is desperately needed. It cuts out millions of families in need. Minimum wage?. No.. if he were governing like Bernie the $15 minimum wage increase would be in this bill.. Just like Bernie! We’ve gotten Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, a Living Wage, Debt Cancellation. …. Hang on, I’m being informed that we didn’t get those things and have 0 chance of getting any of those things in this administration? Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

Husky Mom Nutrition Fact Mug

How have these companies been able to stop unionization. I don’t understand how that is legal.. And what about walmart??? I think corporations at a certain point should be required to unionize. See, his business model is set up to fight this. He gets so many tax breaks to build a warehouse that he has one what, every 30 miles ? So he closes this Alabama warehouse and others need by get more work. I’m not advocating this, just pointing it out.… See More. Just another example of the unfettered greed of American capitalism that has destroyed unions and deprived the middle class of a decent living wage.. Well these organization make billions they treat their workers second-rate it is time that corporate pay their workers fairly and accommodate their dedication unions have been getting away with for years thank you Senator sander. If they do get to unionize, make sure it’s a GOOD honest union that really protects & works for their people. I am in one and they have done nothing for me when it comes to harassment or worker compensation. I get benefits, but NO help for anything els… See More

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