Husky six feet people cloth mask

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My biggest fear is people voting for independent candidates. I’m sure there’s lots of really good ones. Husky six feet people cloth mask. This election for me is soley about getting rid of Trump and whether your a Biden fan or not, he stands the best chance of removing Trump from office. And Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be retiring next term, do we really want another Brett Kavanaugh added to our Supreme Court. I just hope folks can come together enough to unseat the monster currently occupying the White House.

Husky six feet people cloth mask

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cloth mask – detail

That was another photo op since he’s not doing well with the news of the Russian bounties offered to kill our soldiers. So he had to make it look like he cares about them! but he’s never said a word about this news,not once. Oh please reconsider. Bernie and Biden are working together to promote a progressive agenda. Husky six feet people cloth mask. We cannot afford to give our votes away. We need to get rid of the maniac. Don’t waste your vote. He’ll say he always wore a mask and that he encouraged others to. His followers will say any footage of him without a mask is manipulated by the media. I was banned from his page for saying I was going to read his neice’ s book. Manbaby

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