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That’s the funny thing. HVAC Knowledge Poster. Capitalism is why we are in the place we are right now.

HVAC Knowledge Poster

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Poster – A3
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Same reason people who have way too much $$ on their hands are able to hoard and buy food for themselves, while 10 people I know right now can’t even afford a McDonals dollar menu item in a couple days. HVAC Knowledge Poster. I’d say socialism is becoming a the only concrete plan to not end up right back in this spot the second this happens again in any magnitude. Which according to the world could be at………well……anytime now. You do know the last administration gave bailouts. First of all, this is a one time payment to help the Americans who work hard and are struggling to make payments or feeding their families. This is not a monthly stipend that will occur. Rest assured, bottom feeders will not get another check the following month. This is our money and Trump has decided to give it back to the people who earned it and actually need it. When George W. Bush gave everyone $350 we were Realtors. A young couple combined their checks and just a little more added, they secured a loan for a starter home. Three years later they sold it and netted $25,000 from the sale. For them, it worked, and we got commissions on both transactions. Why does this question even need to be asked as far as what it can do? The working poor tend to spend more than they earn to survive. If you give them money they’re gonna spend it! Might be to get out of debt, might be to cover college expenses, might be to start a small business they just never had the funds for, might buy groceries, might buy an xbox. But it’s getting spent. Obviously.

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