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Sami Smitten, you should know that American has always been a capitalist/socialist government. HVAC Knowledge Poster. Even Jesus had teachings on both.

HVAC Knowledge Poster

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You should also know that if McConnell says the Senate will do whatever the WH councils want is not a fair trial and due process has gone out the window. If democrats were not following the rule of law there would be no indictments. Facts are facts until one chooses to ignore them. No, you just have a president who is above the law. You need to hold everyone to account no matter who they are. Sami Smitten the US has been embarrassed enough, please stop going on pages with a global audience and doing even further damage. The same was reported by all US news agencies. You can stand behind the president all you want just like you can stand behind anyone of your choosing, even if they commit a crime. HVAC Knowledge Poster. However congress’s branches are there to check and make sure the president follows the law. If he kills somebody on 5th ave in broad daylight, congress is there to bring him to justice even if you stand behind him. Sami Smitten, you obviously pay some attention to the current circumstance. Justice supposed to be blind awaiting evidence, on the scales. There is all kinds of evidence related to the President’s abuse of power. His actions in the past and since his election are questionable at the least. He appears to approach everything, without reason, Russia sells oil to China,China sells oil to North Korea, no breaking sanctions, whining, from Trump. No reason we see.

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