I am a farmer i don’t stop face mask

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Any sentient middle of the road voters needs to step out and vote for Biden in this election. I am a farmer i don’t stop face mask. We cannot have the Republican Party on the fringe any longer.

I am a farmer i don’t stop face mask

I am a farmer i don't stop face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

As a former Republican, I urge sentient Republican and independent voters to send the message to the Republican Party that we want the party back the way it was years ago, and that this is not progressing our country whatsoever. I think we were all really enthusiastic about the questions Joe takes from the reporters. He takes questions all the time proving that he hasn’t lost his ability to lead. Unlike Trump who always avoids the media’s questions. don’t know what station your watching even reporter can only ask one question and then they have to leave! Nuts can’t wait for the debates! I am a farmer i don’t stop face mask. Let’s get it going!! Trump and Biden let it begin!!! I heard Joe Biden was able to keep food on the spoon all the way to his mouth this morning. Why doesn’t cnn report on that. I’m sure it would make Trump look like a fool. Really?? So Biden has probably had like 40 then right, and I’m sure he’s answered all the questions the media has asked, that’s why I have so much faith that he can run the country. Trump takes many questions, you may not like his answers, but CNN never covers his press conferences. It doesn’t have to make any sense or be logical to appease a liberal. If you think about it they have the mentality of a three-year-old. No way. You mean Joe doesn’t say much? He just kind of fakes his way though with the help of CNN?

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