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I still don’t understand why Puerto Rico doesn’t want to sucede from being USA territory and ask to be annexed by a country that would care for them more. I am africa poster. They can’t vote for President. So he doesn’t care. If they could it would be a blue state. Most do not pay federal income tax, so perhaps that needs to be looked at closer, if they expect the same benefits as those in states that do.

I am africa poster

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The fact that Americans in our 50 states tolerate the unfathomable treatment of our fellow American citizens in Puerto Rico is a clear indication of the racism pervasive in many of these United States. Trump has abandoned Puerto Rico and he is so blatantly not been fair and helpful to them at all! I am africa poster. This man should NOT be running this country — just saying. This is terribly sad. I have yet to see my check as well. And I have a 2 year old to support. The government doesn’t care about us, and the middle class and poor are getting crushed. I haven’t received mine either and have no idea how I’m going to pay my bills since my company has no work for me, but nobody gives a good goddamn about me either.

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