I am the liquor poster

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Please do something. I don’t know what, but something. Calls for violence, lies, verbal attacks and lack of leadership are out of control. I am the liquor poster. This is not going to end well for anyone. I’m grateful for our Hovoner in Califonia and our mayor two family men who are great human.beings who care about us

I am the liquor poster

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poster – A3
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poster – A4

We in Yemen for five years have been suffering from death due to war, poverty and disease. I am the liquor poster. Hundreds die every day. We have appealed for five years to save us, but unfortunately no one listened and now the whole world is appealing. I hope I have anything to help. Your leadership and positivity shine even years after your presidency. Thank you for your continued work and for using complete, well thought out sentences. Love your grammar. Unfortunately we are not at Paradise yet. There are serious problems that need to be fixed. And I’m the type of guy that will fix it. However I recognize that a task of this magnitude will riquire a team effort. I want good people with good intentions and the will to do what is right before GOD.

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