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Thank you for your compassion and kindness to this family.. Hoping for real justice and bringing an end to inhumane behavior to people because of the colour of their skin, or ethnicity. May God bless us all as one people.. They are an amazing family, and those of us with hearts are grateful for your Humanity, President Biden.. President Biden and Madame Vice President Harris have shown more compassion and care to individuals in this country in a little over 100 days than t***p and pence did in four years…. God bless them!. I just want to shout out to how sincere the president is through all this and let him know how blessed he is.. This is a beautiful scene, Mr President. Thank you for genuinely caring for people and showing compassion to those who have suffered loss.. If we all could be so gracious as the Floyd family. I am your friend your partner your black cat poster

I am your friend your partner your black cat poster

What about David Dorn family and others ?. Okay so when are you actually going to do something? That’s not exactly the heartwarming story I’m sure you think it is. Time to bring the country together like it has never been before, thank you Mr President.. Yeah a role model: In August 2007, Floyd was arrested and charged with aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. Investigators said he and five other men barged into a woman’s apartment, and Floyd pushed a pistol into her abdomen before searching for items to steal. Floyd pleaded guilty in 2009 and was sentenced to five years in prison. By the time he was paroled, in January 2013, he was nearing 40.. Strong family. It doesn’t matter what things George did wrong, he didn’t deserve to die like that. If he used counterfeit money or w/e, at that store, then he should have had to deal with that…not face the death penalty. The last president would never have had this family to the WH. He’d have invited the guy that walked around the Congress corridors with the rebel traitor flag. I am your friend your partner your black cat poster

I am your friend your partner your black cat poster

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