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Helal KhanYou are planning a great plan for USA, Mr. President but some peoples are not getting the same facilities somewhere in the world for illegal aggression war. Please do your best job. You are most wise than us. Thanks13 . Feras AwwadRemoving troops from Afghanistan and cutting Israeli aid will be 100 billion dollars right there where we can help our VETS. Also help spend on infrastructure and more. (Google it)26 . Julie AntoinetteAll you do is spend. Where is the money coming from Joe? Taxes, taxes and more taxes. … See More45 . Denise BauerYes please. We desperately need our roads resurfaced and better internet at a decent price. As a senior these prices are getting out of control plus it’s just not good internet. We have 1 option and it’s in and out all the time plus very slow speeds. … See More7 . April WorthingtonAbolish Citizens United! Raise corporate and business taxes! Let’s get this done, the majority of people need to make more money!10  I cross my heart cardinal bird poster

I cross my heart cardinal bird poster

Nancy WarnerWe already have hundreds of thousands of jobs across the country available that no one will fill. They would rather be on unemployment plus the extra.6 . Nancy CoshowToo bad you haven’t pushed for any of this during your last 40 years plus on taxpayer payroll7 . Kassondra Mathis HoudekGreat job getting shots in arms, President Biden! You deserve your positive job approval! And Q1 GDP comes in at 6.4%. Wow! Nice work!18 . Erin TereseThe American jobs plan is full of hundreds of billions of dollars in payments to foreign countries. QUIT LYING TO US10 . John HumphreyYou broke a campaign promise of reducing student debt. I anticipate disenfranchised young voters and upcoming midterm losses. 40 . Ahmed EbedThese are really great achievements. Greetings to you, Mr. President.14 . Deborah Wall McGrawAgreed. For too long, maitenance has been neglected while corporations, big users of our infrastructure, keep more and more of the profits.21  I cross my heart cardinal bird poster

I cross my heart cardinal bird poster

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