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Our dog and a stray cat always went for walks together every time we took the dog out cat would be there in the end we took the cat in. I Love Mom Dachshund.I’m always afraid animals not on leash will get hit by traffic, but this fellow and the animals have obviously figured it out.

I Love Mom Dachshund

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I Love Mom Dachshund sweatshirt
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Very touching . They are both gorgeous and as a kid I used to walk with my greyhound and cat to the local shops… but… that gorgeous husky should be on-lead at all times, unless in a secure area. Sled dogs are renowned for having very high prey drive and turning deaf to recall when on the run or chase. Most breed specific rescues will *not* advocate off lead unless in a secure area. Too many sad stories of sled-dogs going missing, getting hurt, hit by cars or worse, because they were off lead at the time. I Love Mom Dachshund. Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t happen. If your dog is precious to you, as it should be, then please keep them on-lead, long line in areas with a high number of other dogs and only let off in secure areas. Having your dog under control is now, also, the law. My dog and cat used to do this. Used to make me laugh all the time. Unfortunately they are no longer with me and both died weeks of one another. OH, and she’s Poppy’s mommy now. You have to give her all of that love and support that she can’t give her now. Just keep doing what you are because you never know what kind of animal you could raise…. She came into your life for a reason. Could we maybe get some updates on Poppy in the future? Would love to know how she’s doing down the road.

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