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The living conditions inside Thebes must have been, for all but the richest, a bit uncomfortable during the hot summer months. I don’t ride my bike to win races poster. The shortage of construction land is often worsened by the expansion of the temples of Karnak and Luxor, and there is no formal planning policy, so as the city expands, the houses are growing close together. , block out the light from the crowded and winding streets. The lack of any form of formal sanitation combined with the habit of keeping animals indoors creates an undesirable, pest-filled environment for the unfortunate residents. However, although many are forced to live in overcrowded towns and cities, Egypt remains a predominantly rural country and the majority of Egyptians live relatively healthy as farmers. in small farming communities and not of political importance. During the New Kingdom era, city life was viewed as a necessary evil while rural life – romanticized – was seen as ideal. Just as modern city dwellers dream of owning a country house, so Egyptian officials yearn for a spacious one-story mansion on their own campus, away from the bustle. , noisy and smelly city. For the higher classes of society, this dream can come true and will continue to the Afterlife; Their paradise is shaped as the ‘Field of Reeds’, an idyllic rural getaway where nobles, their wives and daughters will be there forever to oversee the work of others. less lucky than me.

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