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Don’t worry folks. The One Percent is doing great under Biden. Just like under Trump. And Obama. And Bush. And Bill. And Bush. And Ron. And Jimmy. And Jerry. And Dick.. Michael George I Dont Speak Much Brilliant Autism Criss Cross Tank Top Like  · Reply · 13h. …..Transform America Into Communism. Play GIF. I Dig Rockin’ Around YOUTUBE.COM Rockin’ Around (With You). Looks like people who’d star in a KEYSTONE COP COMEDY to me. Only politicians and actors should be allowed to be rich. Watching our Country being destroyed right in front of our eyes!. Nobody paid for my education, why should my taxes pay for someone else’s.. Paid recycling in all the states would be a start.. You do love using the justice word. Shut up, Divider.. presumably deep totalitarianism, not actual transformation.. I say these words unto you so that you may find peace in truth… For in this world you will find Trumpian Republican’s who are evil, deceitful, ignorant purveyors of the most vile wretchedness imaginable! But please be of good cheer, because we will vanquish their wicked treachery forever

I Dont Speak Much Brilliant Autism Criss Cross Tank Top

Luis Daniel Muñoz Let’s also take back control of standardized testing from intermediary businesses. If those instruments are to remain in place, then let’s acknowledge that they are creating costs barriers that keep people out of certain professional pathways. 703 . Kevin JerneganWe all know bankers are greed personified, who will do anything necessary to preserve and expand their obscene wealth. So what is to prevent them from merely passing along any additional costs that they may incur to consumers? Do we seriously believe that any banker will ever be content with their paltry 20 private jets, 50 yachts, and 100 Rolls Royces? Of course not, they’re just going to keep preying upon consumers to leach every penny they can from them.53 . David LarsteinFor hundreds of years, Wall St. has been beholden to nobody but rich guys, and yet over and over again they’ve scammed this country leading it into recession after recession. Wall St. has served no one but itself, and it’s time to force it to contribute to the common good past the extraction scams of the investor class. Now that computers can do it, a tax on every single transaction of .1% would bring in billions and could fund education and health care. The greed and criminality of the 1% cannot be allowed to continue. 66  I Dont Speak Much Brilliant Autism Criss Cross Tank Top

I Dont Speak Much Brilliant Autism Criss Cross Tank Top

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