I Before E Mug

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When a child kills an animal for fun, we fear mental illness. I Before E Mug. When an adult with the capacity to reason does it…we call it “Sport.

I Before E Mug

I Before E Mug- magic
Mug- magic
I Before E Mug- black
Mug- black

Randy Patrick they are deer. Ever had one cream your car? Guessing not. Hunters kill cleanly. Big difference. Jack with the backwards thinking, typical! You hunter types are so cool, with your guns and tough guy attitude, I’d love to see you in real combat with bullets flying over your head, I’m sure then you’d be a whiney pansie. I Before E Mug. Joe Zaffino I did pretty good the time it happened to me. I came out ok. Btw, Joey, I’ve never hunted game. Learn WTF you choose to babble on about. Ethan Hume Bush was too late with his no child left behind law. Maybe if it passed during the Regan years all these idiots would have received an education. Same boat, funny how one man can change a political party. I was a republican until this family made this country into a laughing stock and they are crooks lining their pockets with tax payers money. Let me say, there are 2 types of trump supporters. Billionaires and idiots. Check your bank account and see which one you are? Jay Rizzles I’m doing great financially. People like you should never assume anything. Go back to your Fox News. You guys have no idea how extremely Blessed and lucky you are to have a president like you do. He does what is best for you and your country and does not go back on his word to you. It is very sad that there are people who do not see it.

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