I love being grandma cloth mask

Do you want it? I love being grandma cloth mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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Once the vaccine is successful enough to treat numerous people, then I will consider a full return back to normalcy. I love being grandma cloth mask. I going with the professionals, not people distorting numbers because they need to get back to work.

I love being grandma cloth mask

I love being grandma cloth mask- pic 1
cloth mask- pic 1

The difference is, this is not FLU. It really annoys me when people view it as such. And until you get it, you can’t say how it is. It’s a different reaction for different people. And if it’s just “the flu” as you like to call it, explain the deaths. I love being grandma cloth mask. People die of pneumonia, NOT the flu. If you think the deaths are “fake news”, I encourage you to look up many names of the dead due to this VIRUS that is not merely flu and present photographic evidence that they’re still alive. Or if you don’t think they died from this, then please, show me the medical records and death certificate that would prove otherwise. It doesn’t have to “run its course” if people would have some self control instead having these ridiculous urges to do stuff as if the world is ending tomorrow. It would be gone a lot sooner. But since a good portion do not have self control, the sooner a vaccine comes the better. Let these other fools get “the flu”, I’m staying out of its path as best as I can. And I’m sure absolutely sure, I’m not going to get it. anyone in the hospital didn’t do their best to avoid the virus. The virus is extremely avoidable! You seem to think they’re the only ones… Look at other events not protest related. Don’t be one sided.

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