I hate wearing this face mask

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This lack of concern with the bloated military budgets and then giving the police military weapons are why the democrats lose votes. We are protesting and will continue to speak about the abuses of law enforcement. It starts right here with the warped budgets. I hate wearing this face mask. It’s a start but rather than 10% for one year can we not implement a 10 year funding plan with a 25-40% cut? Much of the inefficiency in military spending is due to the outlay being so variable year to year and driven by pork barrel incentives and political expediency that shift based on election year promises.

I hate wearing this face mask

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face mask – detail

Thank you, Senator Sanders, but we don’t have much time left. The American people are hurting and need relief NOW. You know we don’t need war. We need healthcare and education and housing. When can another bill be brought to the floor on this. Let’s make a list and name each and every one of them that voted against it, so we know who NOT to vote for in November 2020 or when the time comes for their reelection. Don’t stand on convention, Bernie. You owe the establishment nothing and the people are with you. I hate wearing this face mask. Accept Howie’s offer and RUN WITH THE GREENS! We can beat the establishment with you at the helm. The issue is government contracts. They inflate the costs throughout the supply chain. Faulty parts are returned for good ones but shipped back and forth and charge the military for the same parts instead of replacing them with good ones. What a joke.

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