I hope you brought starbucks doormat

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Luckily women in their 60s no longer have to worry about birth control. One of the FEW perks of getting old. Offered the choice between a SAFE microchip or an IUD that can perforate the abdomen I would opt for the microchip. It makes sense as a safe fo… See More. I believe the biggest truth is life on its own. Never ceasing. We are at the beginning of our leap into the Universe. Mars and then all. Little by little we will acustom to anything.. What will the world do with the second wave of Covid_19 ? It is stronger than the first one !. That is a great thing Sir. I like what you do.. The question was asked am I a good friend of Bill Gates. Of course! I am one of his 2 million close personal friends!. Respected Bill Gates Sir My heartly best wish to You for Your great welfare Work for the flora and fona. I hope you brought starbucks doormat

I hope you brought starbucks doormat

With due respect Mr Bill Gates that will be awesome for the world at large teaming up with Rashida Jones for this New podcast limited series,I would have love to be part of it facing the world and also for my continent Africa ,but am not Educated but I… See More. May God help & bless such ‘Hope and Heroes’ you all .. Bill & Melinda & foundation to be able to use,utilise your generous resources..always to turn the third & whole world . Why dont you try to believe that there is someone stronger and mightier than your ideas… who runs the universe and its balance… He once said that he will not only shake the earth but also the universe… and what are you going to do with that. You have to invite me to this meeting. I would like to tell you what is the biggest problem and solution of the world. Respects. I hope you brought starbucks doormat

I hope you brought starbucks doormat

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