I identify as a pissed off American US flag shirt, hoodie and v-neck




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Lynne Goldacker ron paul. I say Bravo to you both..and entire Family so very proud of you #44 but if you have any Blemishes or any person’s who pull you into their wrong doings ..make it right do let anyone tarnish your name but when we make mistakes that hurt others d hinder others ..make right your quote is my favorite ..Do the right thing Period .Barack Obama. I identify as a pissed off American US flag 44 president of the united states .Be the change the light the truth. Best Pres and 1st family of my 62 years. Thank you both. John Taylor Hi dear I’m new on this page, a friend of mine introduce me on Facebook couple months ago, your post are wonderful but I don’t think we are friend here on Facebook, I actually send you a request but eventually it didn’t go through, please if you don’t mind sending me request so we can be Friend’s here.

I identify as a pissed off American US flag

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We’ll never know the truth. The day that changed the worldthe day my brother has birthday. celebrate or be sad????. The kind of leadership we needed was earlier got by you it’s really amazing to be part of America leadership is great we really appreciate so much. You took no time to remember them when they were alive but now you want to take time to remember their corpses, anyway may God rest their soul in eternal peace. But how could they have known and call their families from a high altitude that can’t be reached by cell phones?? Esp in year 2001 phones today can’t connect when in the air???? This is my question . However , bless all the lives . Thank you Mr. President! We honor what America is really about! One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all! What struck me today on the 20th Anniversary of that attack on 9/11, was the fact that the plane that went down in Sha I identify as a pissed off American US flag

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Two of the GREATEST AMERICANS alive!!! They could read the dictionary and I’d listen!!!. So much class character dignity self respect compassion grace beauty morals selfless. My favorite President & 1st Lady ALWAYS! Once the construction is done, I can’t wait to take a road trip to Chicago! Both of you are awesome. Love you always for all that you did for us .. I felt a sense of security & peace in this Country with both of you in the White House! . My family and I miss you and your family very much. But we know you all have done far more than your share in public life. And we thank you for it. Sending you our very best, kindest wishes.. Because, “Yes We Can”. The Obama’s, The Real America.. Jj Slyde We meet People in some period of time and get to see whom they are, nice meeting you, I don’t mind if you send me a friend request so that I accept you. Thank you, God bless you

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