I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug

Do you love it? I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug. Available in more style, buy it today before we sell out.



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Her feelings are personal thou makes sense what she says. Is not need for publishing personal family matters & expect not to get criticized. My husband and I had grrreat times while I was pregnant! My hormones insisted on it, but I guess everyone is different.. D-I-V-O-R-C-E , that song just popped in my mind. Honestly, who cares about her sex life. What happens in the bedroom, should stay in the bedroom.. She needs to have a conversation with her Dr. I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug. That seems absurd Some ppl like to share intimate details that’s not disrespectful it’s just how they choose and some don’t like to share and that’s okay to. To each their own and the rest just move along and mind your business. I agree what does anyone care he won’t be with he much longer anyway nothing there for him to come home to. There are other avenues to not have ur son between you

I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug

I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug- pic 1
mug- pic 1

Basically their son will be “in between” them for the next 18 years so good luck with that . Maybe she shared it because there may be other women out there feeling this way and she wants them to know theyre not alone? Didn’t we all feel some kind of way when we were pregnant with our first child? Some of you never learned empathy and it shows… . Hope she’s prepared mentally to be a single mom because most men will find it somewhere.. Boy there is something I was wondering about.hello TMI. Still baffles me why the public needs to know things like this. and why do we all need to know this?. Yes I had the same I was always scared I could poke my unborn son his eye out. She thinks it’s bad now…..just wait till they’re strokin’ during Marvin Gaye, and baby starts screaming. Or when their toddler brings Legos in the bed, and Meghan gets a plastic brick up her ass during sex. I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug ….and good episode of Sex Sent Me to t… Wendy Beam. Can’t wait until this orange monster is carried out of the White House !!. Nothing but a guilt trip! NO, people are dying because they wont wear a mask and social distance, stupid idiots!!!. He won’t do ANYTHING that doesn’t benefit himself! The hell with everyone else!. Why rush into communism ?. The only reason people voted for Biden was because of personal hatred towards Trump… not because he couldn’t run the Country.. I mean come on guys!!! I’m still at a place of are you kidding me in this result of this clown running things when he can’…

Do you want it? I just got a little gunpowder and kerosene mug. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.

Yes because he is just a puppet, everyone and every thing just brings back to Obama team and policy and get back to the pass corruption team.. Everyone chill, a few thousand votes thrown out wont make a difference. Sleepy Joes in charge the next 4 years.. Typical democrat wants to take credit for someone else’s work….SLR.

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