I love math face mask

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Going about it all wrong. I love math face mask. They should offer him/her a job.

I love math face mask

I love math face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

If (s)he is skilled enough to sneak up on a bear, they need to hire this person. I guess for he’s followers will not enough to hearings for almost 4 years this guy insulting people. Now insulting animals!! This is absolutely ridiculous…the Bear has a tracking device around it’s neck…?? Sounds like like somebody is triggered!! I love math face mask. what makes this laughable is not the fact that the bear has been placed with tracking devices but a sticker. Man when did we become so weak as a society that a sticker offends somebody? Oh and 5k for to turn them in what law did they break. Its unethical? No wonder people dont take liberals seriously. that’s completely fine, people are entitled to their opinions. But denying those people the right to an opinion, then getting mad about it just ain’t what this country was founded on. you dont want to go down this road. How can you blame a person for a pandemic, when since before he was in office an entire party was trying to impeach him? Melissa Hodge soooo you want to shake hands with the person who put this bear in harm’s way by coming in contact with it? Proves y’all only read headlines. It’s not about what’s on the sticker, it’s that people are desensitizing bears to a point where they aren’t weary of humans – putting the species in severe danger. You should never be able to approach a bear enough to where it would let you get close enough to put a sticker on its collar. So way to support animal cruelty.

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