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What about the people who lost a mom a dad a sibling a child…I love lucy best friends face mask. He is so sick he is worried about a death chart…How is helping the people cope with the loss these are nurse doctors who put their lives to help. One death should alarm him, but when you’re dealing with someone who lacks empathy and compassion, it does not phase him one bit. Sad that he only cares ONLY about the death chart. If we had a national plan, the deaths would not be as bad as they are. Chaos will continue until leadership takes over.

I love lucy best friends face mask

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face mask – detail

What I don’t understand is people liked him before he come president even wanted to be him so quit your Batching. I love lucy best friends face mask. I watched the interview Sunday with Trump and Chris Wallace. Any intelligent person can see Trump is delusional and totally unfit to lead this country. He is a national disgrace. Voting BLUE TSUNAMI all the way in November.  I didn’t see all of the interview but what I did see was great. Hit him with facts right away and do t let him use his shiny object power either.  Trump had the opportunity to do something when there was 15 cases. But he didn’t He let it go till it was out of control. Afraid he would look bad to his followers so people had to die for his coverups.

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