I miss your face 3d face mask

Do you want it? I miss your face 3d face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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The issue is that bezos did not ‘earn’ $9 bil, those he underpays and overworks earned enough to siphon off $9 bil to a guy who does literally nothing to benefit the company. Bezos dies and Amazon still exists, stop acting like owners/founders of multi-billion dollar corporations matter. I miss your face 3d face mask. The workers are all that matters. Take bezos’ income worth of workers out for a week and there’s no Amazon left.

I miss your face 3d face mask

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face mask – detail

You have to start with outlawing corporations and have full freedom of information. Which means NO Patton’s. I miss your face 3d face mask. Therefore if you have multiple companies with no more than 50 employees creating the same or variations of a product it spreads out the wealth. And eliminates corporate influence which is polluting the world. Because people you have to realize we’re living in a Corpocracy disguised as a democracy. Now do something about it. I’ll sacrifice convenience to shop multiple small businesses that will actually support the people who need it. I’m also going to become friends with some farmers and direct all of my shopping to them. I’m done with big business.

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