I need beer face mask

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He s asking for the death chart ? He s the President of the most powerful country in the world and he don’t have a chart of the deaths of Americans that have died. Well I guess you can’t see the death chart when you to busy advertising Goya beans and products lol. Chris Wallace used the wrong stats. I need beer face mask. He should have used the hospitalization one! Big fail on his part – or done on purpose.

I need beer face mask

I need beer face mask - detail
I need beer face mask – detail

I just can’t stand to see our people done this way anymore. So many good people suffering through no fault of their own, hard working heads of households struggling to put food on the table and pay the rent and fearful they may bring the virus home from their job or that their job will end and never return. I need beer face mask. Little children going hungry while food pantries are going bare. Just when I think there are no more tears the flood gates open again as I watch the long lines for food and the desperate and exhausted faces of my fellow Americans waiting and waiting. Dear God, please have mercy! Save our children and families. I need to believe there’s some intelligent Republicans that see through this crap and will make a better decision than last time

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