I said i cast fireball ugly christmas sweater

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I said i cast fireball ugly christmas sweater

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Do you want it? I said i cast fireball ugly christmas sweater. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.

See you switched parties quickly after they informed you that all Hollywood and CNN all were Democrats and that if you want work /get a role in another film you better be Democrat. Well 2016 half of america felt the same way and we made the best out of it the last 4 years, well karma is a b. Half of America danced on the street the orange man is going, oh remember the other half voted for Biden- Harris so nothing was giving He… . So happy Biden won! Now America can be great again!. Unfortunately America will never be great again! Theyve brain washed you!. I don’t know why we all can’t support each other no matter out political views. It’s done, let’s just improve america

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