I Swear It’s This Long Short

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Sarah HatkoffI support you all the way Senator Ossnoff  . Lisa M MorrissArizona support!2 . Riz MpalmerI see you the next President in the U.S.A. one day! 3 . Top FanPascal TheGodson RicansonJon is a fighter for all our generations,he will fight for the voiceless in Washington. Stay the course Jon! . Sebastian RichterYour agenda is FAR too radical. No police defunding, no experiments. Vote RED.168 . Top FanBeth MillerPlease get out and vote for Jon him Purdue are tied Warnock is winning14 . Mark DennisFrom Wisconsin, couldn’t vote for ya but sent a couple $$$. Good luck Jon ! . Nellie CardosaCome on only 30 min left vote blue 30min to get to the poll come on you can do it turn Georgia blue 5 . Top FanLisa PetersVoted sending you to DC, sir! 55 . Top FanRobin Hager PotterWe all voted in our household. . Judith JoinvilleBig Congratulations! What a tough fight, but worth it. My money was well spent, haha  I Swear It’s This Long Short

I Swear It’s This Long Short

I Swear It’s This Long trunks Short 1
I Swear It’s This Long trunks Short 2

Chuck MyersThank you Jon!!!! What a great candidate you were and what a fantastic Senator you’ll be!!!! Congratulations and THANK YOU!!!! 2 . Karla GuerreroIf I lived in Georgia, I would vote for you. Prayers from CA  . Mohammad ShakerYou will win … it’s game over … congrats 2 . Helene WilsonMega prayers from Canada to win two democrat seats in Georgia 16 . Guranda M. D’SouzaYou sure did Georgia! Well done! 6 . Manish ZalavadiyaAlready did….whole family…Also confirmed with all friends….they must vote….2 . Shirdene MichaelOssoff, we have you lifted up in prayer to win this Senate seat. Start packing your bags to DC! We got you!1 . Lynn EdwardsThanks to all the Georgia voters who support Jon5 . Danielle Sauvé OakleyGo Jon! Voted this morning in Gwinnett county! 4 . Toni Marie SchmidtI did and you won. . Top FanBunny LangLoving Georgia Blue!2 . Alex GravenWhat do you mean by “we” LMAO. Oh right, you and your corporate friends.1  I Swear It’s This Long Short

I Swear It’s This Long Short

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