I Missed You Today Mug

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I refuse to believe this. You need us, why push us away?? I Missed You Today Mug. There are millions of Christian believers who are NOT Trump supporters.

I Missed You Today Mug

I Missed You Today Mug- true red
Mug- true red
I Missed You Today Mug- gold
Mug- gold
I Missed You Today Mug- blue
Mug- blue

Welcome us with open arms, don’t push us away, you’d be cutting off your nose to spite your face. Pelosi does not want to touch the senate. She is basically saying that she refuses to impeach trump. She can’t send the articles. She’s terrified. America wins again. This is what you call a reputable source? You only think it is because you agree with it. Sad times. So you’re saying that no evangelicals have a moral compass? OK, thanks for clearing that up. That’s now the way it is at all. How many bills are dying on Mitch’s desk now? I Missed You Today Mug. Today that wrote the story, not CNN. Christianity Today is a mainstream, Christian publication. This is real, so believe it. Go buy the December issue and see for yourself. Now they get to try reclaiming the moral high ground. This was a long game for the all along. There is no way they could have gotten Pence in on his own. Nancy is one of the only people playing the long game on the Dem side. I’m hoping she is holding sending the Articles over til they can implicate Pence. Please Santa please. I wrote my rant, similar to you then read what you wrote. I had forgotten about Pence ! Oh my may the Lord and Lady save America !! You’re right that’s what Trump has been preaching it’s the Democrats. Who have taught lying should silence those who don’t agree with you win at any cost even collateral damage attack them.

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