I wear red for my sister face mask

Do you love it? I wear red for my sister face mask. Buy it today before we sell out.



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This right here ladies n gentlemen will for sure be the END of the supremacists. I wear red for my sister face mask. Everyone is in the same struggle now but, the ones you’ve said is below you is designed to endure the struggle.

I wear red for my sister face mask

I wear red for my sister face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

The question is, can you handle the pressure of the world? So the “billionaire” wont tap into his own personal wealth to save his businesses? Despicable liar, his taxes must be worth less than used toilet paper. My hope is that once he is out of office, the corruption investigation begins. I wear red for my sister face mask. His gruesome family will look good in orange. It’s no essential business, it’s luxury business. Give the money to hospitals, old people’s homes and the low-income group. He can „negotiate a deal“ with the owners directly if he can’t afford the rent. Some many dummies voted for trump and this guy and his family is robbing our country blind and you got 1200 think about that when this clown ask for your vote agin in November. A president that owns hotels that are being directly impacted financially by a quarantine shouldn’t be making decisions on when things need to reopen. Conflict of interest. he actually doesn’t own them his financial interests have been signed over to prevent a conflict of interest. I’m saying someone who is worth something doesn’t have that much money on hand. God I wish people knew what worth actually means. do you think that way about every business owner and family that can’t pay their rent? Maybe they should sell something in order to do it? Or do you think the government should help them out?

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