I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug

Limited edition, available in a few days, full color and more style. I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug. Order now before lose it forever.

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Take your chains off us. You are killing more people than the virus.. Friends, always a lot of toxic replies on here. Just remember, don’t engage – report.. Why can’t the general public have access to the same Pfizer vaccine as health care workers?. When are you going to publicly take the shot Gavie. Thank you Gov. Newsom for staying on top of this crisis! Overall, it’s been well managed compared to most other states and you get a lot of credit. No one is perfect, rationale critics should be respected and considered — but the vitriolic, hate-fille… See More. Just remember to thank your president for making it happen in record time. Oh and by the way you can have mine.. Thank you Governor Newsom for your leadership; saving thousands of lives.. Why is Pfizer waiting for the feds to tell them where to ship vaccine. Something like a million doses? I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug

I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug

I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug 1
I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug 2

When do you get your dose Gavin? When do your Plumpjack employees get theirs?. Great news would be your resignation or successful recall.. What about the opening of you’re state . You already have people living on the streets. You are still getting paid and eating good and staying warm. To be a good leader you need to follow your own rules. People you need to rise up and stand your ground… See More. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP amazing leadership w warp speed getting vaccines approved and distribution so quickly to help our Frontline workers. Incredible!!! So I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug grateful for a great job PRESIDENT Trump!! God Bless . Newsom is looking a little pale and his eyes are sickly looking…Wonder if he is coming down with something?. Nurses in Alaska took vaccine they are all in ICU!!! Do not take vaccine!!!. Was this recorded from the lobby of the French Laundry?

I’d Walk Through Fire for You Sister Mug

I came here to read the dumb comments from Republican voters who believe Don the Con vs doctors, scientists and epidemiologists about the pandemic.. Please show your voters how much you care by donating 1/4th of your paycheck to help those that are being put out of work by your closures. You say you care… so prove it. GFY Gavin!. Nothing to see here. More of the anti-family and secular baloney.. We tired of you Newsom and all your theatrics. You’re not getting reelected, in fact you may get recalled. We have spent nearly a year with the strictest lockdowns and mask mandates in the world yet we have more cases than most countries in the world. You are a ridiculous Governor full of lies and hypocrisy.. Hes been losing a lot in court these days. He has no good reasons for doing what he is doing.. Statewide CA’s ICU capacity is 2.1%.

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